The Morrell Lap Steel Stand

If you ever switch off between playing lap steel and regular "spanish" guitar live, you'll soon realize that you need some kind of stand to hold the steel if you plan to switch with any speed at all. In the past, some lap steel guitars such as the Fender Champion Steels were offered in versions with legs that converted them to quasi-"console" guitars so that the player could either sit down or stand up and switch off with his spanish-style guitar. The British are very fond of lap steel, and in most cases, when you see a Brit player switch to his steel, it will be on legs. But given the current dearth of lap steels in the market, much less lap steels with legs, how do you prop up your steel? While you could aquire mic stand adapter flanges and screw them to the bottom of your guitar, that would make it uncomfortable to play in your lap. What's a mother to do? Enter the Morrell Lap Steel Stand.

Hyar 'tiz. Click for detail.

The stand is a "scissor" style stand, very much like those you find for keyboards. It is built of heavy guage, powder-coated steel and has black rubber feet and cushions at each of the points where the stand contacts the guitar. The design is horribly straightforward: On one end there is a clamp system that allows you to clamp the lower body of the steel securely. On the other side is a support for the neck of the guitar. There is a height adjustment bar that allows you to set the height by adjusting the distance between the feet and, as a result, between the guitar supports. Via a nice, large handle, the clamp will adjust to secure a guitar that is up to 7.5" across the lower part of the body. The neck end, with adjustable rubber pads, is 6.5" across. Set the height and drop the locking tab for security, adjust the space between the neck pads so that the neck is protected, set your guitar on top, and clamp the lower body in the jaws of the clamp. Voile'! Pretty easy, huh?

How well does it do the job? Pretty darn well. Now, there are a couple of dimensional limitations: If you set it to its lowest position to play while seated on a kitchen chair, the supports may be a bit wide for your guitar. If you set it to its highest position, the feet may be a bit too close together and it may feel a bit precarious. Of course, gaffer's tape on the feet will stablize that. But other than those factors, it does pretty darn well. The price is $89.97 at most Internet providers.

Just a note: The stand comes in a big white box with a large line drawing of itself on the outside. If you order one as gift for someone and it is delivered in the manufacturer's box, he'll know what it is the moment he sees it on the stoop. You might want to ask the mail order outlet to double-box the order.

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