One *HOT* UREI Home Theater Project

Well, you might just think my UREI-based stereo is a little mad, but here are pics of a UREI home theater based that literally takes it to the next level. A fellow named Fredrick had stacked his UREIs in his living room. Here's part of the collection:

Hmmmmm... let's see. Left to right:
809A over 811A over 813A,   two 813B's over 815A,   811A over 813A

Between this fellow and his father, their whole collection consists of: four 811A's, four 811C's, two 813A's, two 813B's, one 815A, and finally, three 809As. That's a lot of black boxes with blue horns! And I thought my wife was tolerant! (She is!) Eventually, his wife asked him to build a home theater room, apparently to get his collection out of their living room. Here's a picture of the home theater room framed in during construction, with the speaker locations marked. Note the speaker supports behind the wall. His 815A weighs about 255 pounds! Also note that my 811C fronts are the size of his 811A surrounds:

And here's the sheetrock finishing out on the front soffitt. Note the center subwoofer slot is deleted:

Here the fronts are in place (813A, 815A, 813A) with horns at 48" from deck. Note that the front wall finish is absorptive, like the THX spec demands. At this point he's still building the subwoofers:

Wide shot with the perforated screen down:

And a view towards the back and the "machine room". Note the zone dimmers and projector:

Here the subs are going in for a test fit.

Near final on the front wall.

Detail on the surrounds, in situ.

And a closeup of the rack.

Final trim on the front,

Another look at the right side.

It all looks quite comfy, doesn't it?

The obsession with high quality home theater is genetic. Here is his dad's home rig: