Uncommon Common Sense in the Entertainment Industry

One night in the mid-eighties, I was running a great monitor system for a combined ticket with a local seven-piece band as the warmup for a national solo performer. It was a good audience and a great venue. The seven-piece band was the usual big deal with multiple mixes and making everyone happy. When it came time to bring on the solo artist, just one guy and his guitar, he came over to me and said, "You know, I really don't need any monitors. You can take a break." I said, "Well okay, tell you what. I'll put 'em up low and if you don't want 'em, let me know after the first number." He agreed and took the stage. After the first number, he asked for a couple of changes from the house engineer and then turned to me, smiled, and said this great ironic line:

"Okay, I can hear myself fine so I you can kill the monitors. AFTER ALL, I'M STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME."