Developed from John Hines' Easy BBQ Recipe' (thanks John!)
This is my easy receipe' for Virginia-style (or Memphis-style pulled pork bar-b-que. That is a tender shredded pork with sweet, spicy BBQ sauce.

UPDATE 07/24/2023
You know, after using this recipe' for twenty years I've altered my way of doing it... several times. You'll see my current alterations in BOLD.

5.5 lbs. pork Boston Butt Roast
40 oz. bottle, Bulls Eye Bar-B-Que Sauce (or your choice)
Butt's Hickory Smoke Flavor
Texas Pete or similar hot sauce ALTERATION: I've abandoned hot sauce for Cyanne Pepper.

Pre-heat oven to 300'. Slice roast to the bone several times to encourage cooking through. Place in roasting pan, fat side up, and add about one-half inch of water. Bake for six hours, basting with the juices if the fat cooks off entirely. When cooked, remove from oven and allow to cool for an hour. Remove the meat from the bone. With two forks, shred the meat.

ALTERATION: I was given "Bear Paws" meat shredders and I use them now as opposed to forks. They make the job fast and easy!

Add a half-teaspoon of smoke flavor and a moderate amount of BBQ sauce and mix. Add a few drops of hot sauce (to taste) and mix. ALTERATION: I've switched to cyanne pepper for some tang, rather than hot sauce. You can add the heat at this step or hold off until serving time and provide it as a garnish so that those who don't want the heat can leave it off. Refrigerate overnight to allow the flavor from the sauce to permeate the meat. Reheat in microwave and serve with room temperature bar-b-que sauce and hot sauce or pepper on the side.

Makes enough for two meals for a family of four, plus some left over for lunches. It's great on a bun! Incidentally, I've just noticed that BBQ on a bun needs more hot sauce or Cyanne Pepper than BBQ served alone. Mark "Cajun Boy" Daigle of the G&L Forum tells me that this is because the starch in the bread breaks down the "capsaicin", the hot part of the hot sauce or pepper.

You know, some things are simply better when they are homemade. But I don't know who the heck I'm trying to kid about refrigerating your BBQ overnight. While it does improve the flavor, this stuff is so good it's just about impossible to keep it from disappearing overnight.

Bon appetite!

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