Cable Cuffs

I am rather fortunate to have an interesting, creative wife, the kind of wife who goes down to Home Depot and prowls the aisles to find interesting, small gifts for me for my Christmas stocking. Here’s this year’s offering:

They are called “Cable Cuffs.” They come in four sizes for different kinds of cords. The pencil is in the picture for scale. The idea is that they work pretty much like handcuffs: There is a split ring that has a pivot point on one side and a sprung ratchet to latch the ring at multiple, selectable diameters. My wife couldn’t decide which I’d like the most, so she got me one each of the largest sizes and a couple of the baby ones. The small ones will handle wall wart power supply cords and typical twelve-foot residential zip cord extension cords. The next size up can easily handle guitar and mic cords. The third size up can handle shorter orange power cords. The Mega Cuff can handle longer orange cords and water hoses. Now I am just trying to figure out what to use each size for. I figure my new synth’s wall wart can use a smaller one. I used them on my gear for a session yesterday where I took a couple of kinds of cables: an over-enginereed, sixteen-gauge, ten-foot power cable for the Line 6 Helix and a Horizon tweed-covered ten-foot guitar cable. The baby size handled the guitar cord admirably with none of the irritations of Velcro grabbing the tweed. The next size up handled that power cord nicely as well. I’ve got to say that these things make dressing up the cables really easy without the hassles of typical Velcro or leather straps. Of course, they aren’t captive, so you’ve got to keep up with them but in a studio situation that isn’t all that hard. Perhaps onstage you could just close them around the equipment end of the cable. The three smaller sizes range from $1.15 to $1.87 and the Mega Cuff goes for $3.87 down at your Home Depot.

By the way, there are two types: branded and unbranded. The "Pros" are the brand and the Mega Cuff is an unbranded off-brand. Both appear well-made. Yes, there are all sorts of cheaper cable ties out there but these are sort of novel and interesting to me.