Of “Guitar Heroes” and the "IHOP Epiphany"

Right off the top, let me protest the term “Guitar Hero.” As I have matured and watched the lives of most of these guitar guys, by and large, they’ve become less and less heroes to me and more and more guys with screwed up lives who play guitar really well. But I digress…

I had a crashing return to reality the other day, and something I'll call the "IHOP Epiphany." It had to do with my “guitar heroes,” whose careers and lives I’ve followed over the years. The other day after my lovely wife and I finished our dinner at IHOP, she went to settle the bill with the cashier and I packed the doggie bag. While she was gone I mused on some of my favorite guitarists over the years and their music. My reverie was broken when she came back. Giving me a mischievous look and a snicker, she announced, “Did you realize that you are now eligible for their senior discount?”

Gulp. Yep, I recently reached the vaunted double-nickels. *55*. I can get the IHOP discount on Wednesdays.

But my very next thought was, "You know those guitar guys who lived the “high life,” tore up hotel rooms, took lavish vacations, and lived an eternal teenage life?" The guys who were just a little older than me whom I looked up to for nifty new guitar styles. Yeah, those guys.


Off the tour bus, into IHOP, senior discount, please.

It’s a glamorous life indeed.