The MINI Cooper S Engine

Here are some pretty good images of a Cooper S engine. Note the cast iron block and aluminum head.

The the intake (car front) side. Notice the supercharger at the center with its intake at the bottom. Notice that the water pump is driven off the back-end of its shaft to save space. Also notice the intake intercooler on top.

On the exhaust side, note the freeze-out plugs and oil filter can in the center.

The "front" of the engine which is on the right-hand side of the car when you are facing forward. The MCS engine has beefed-up vibration damping on the pulley train. Notice the space for the alternator, block-mounted below the supercharger to save space.

The throttle body

Here is a shot of the case cracked open, showing the crank and bearings. Notice the strong, cast iron mainbearing cap/girdle unit and the nicely machined crank.

A piston and rod assembly.

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