Hampton Roads MINIs Pre-Parade Meet, May 21, 2006

On May 21, the Hampton Roads MINIs gathered at Nimmo Sonic to distribute graphics, make last-minute plans for the Strawberry Festival Parade on May 27, and enjoy a little fellowship. We had a total of eleven MINIs of every "stripe" attend.

The big little row

Trish's Beep if you Boop! (Photo: Mea)

Mea Cooper checks out MINI LIMO

Don: How does it work?

Givin' it the boot

West end of an Eastbound Mugami (Photo: Mea)

Why is the Red Mafia always together? At least the Orange Cabrio adds variety.

Homer and his gang (Photo: Mea)

Adina and Scott ask, "Is this what they look like after three years?"

Images by Bob Womack (2nd MINI) and Mea Cooper

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