Hampton Roads MINI Pride Run, October 15, 2006

On a very clear Sunday, October 15th, the Hampton Roads MINIs gathered to show their pride in and enthusiasm for their cars by parading sixty-seven MINIs and Minis up the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, North and West to Norfolk and Waterside, and back, via a circuitous route. The rally culminated at a local watering hole for a meal and fellowship.

Run organizer, Randy Dedricksen, festooned his colorful MINI's hood
with raffle items to greet us as we arrived.

Our rearguard, Simon, confers with a runner.

Sixty-five cars and their riders assembled in the Virginia Beach Convention Center parking lot five.

Row six (of seven) fills just before the final briefing.

We rolled off and turned East out of the lot at 2:00pm.

Parading up Atlantic Avenue, we drew stares, smiles, and thumbs-up!

Amid the hi-rises.

We picked-up two more curious MINIs along the way.

The scenic ride between Fort Story and First Landing State Park.
We were only a half-year away from the four-hundredth anniversary of that landing during the run.

A nice rear view of the same via the side view mirror of a different car.

The first rally point in Willoughby.
We learned a thing or two about restrooms there...
Contrary to standard estimates, the gals were faster...

A great custom graphic for the day, seen at rally point one.

The back of the pack at the first rally point.

My groovy side chick, Ruth, shares a laugh with a fellow runner.

Looking back down the line, shot from a sunroof. Do you see yourself?

The line via the sideview mirror.
On this run, the line was so long, the radios couldn't reach front to back.

The lines snakes through downtown Norfolk with the Scope on the left, as shot by Ruth.
I think this was the most-photographed location.

Wider view of the same location from five cars behind mine.
Right near here we lost our only casualty: an overheated MINI.
Our rearguard, Simon, got him going again with a shot of antifreeze, saying,
"We leave no-one behind!"

At the second rally point, the parking lot of Harbor Park.

At the second rally point we see the back of the commemorative shirt and one of the smallest runners.
She later entertained us at the last stop...

The final destination, Conklin's Irish Rover, for food, fun, music,

and fellowship.

Thanks to Simon and Randy (left, in kilts) for great organization and leadership! First class, guys!

Images by Bob Womack (2nd MINI), Ruth Womack, Andy Got, Heatherbelle, MisBehave, VBMini, and Ventidude.
Obviously, I didn't live in the viewfinder this run...

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