The Musician's Room: Killer Salmon Recipe'

Tonight I am sitting back with an extremely happy tummy and I just have to let you in on the “why.” I’m a relative newcomer to salmon, only having discovered it a few years back. But, since facing some dietary restrictions, I’ve developed a relationship with a chef who has broadened my horizons. This recipe’ is a development of one he shared with me. It’s easy, it’s fun, it tastes and looks great, and can impress the heck out of your significant other. It’s dressy enough for a formal occasion with candles but easy enough for everyday. So, here’s to you, Chef Dan.

8 oz of fresh salmon, skinned, per portion
white cooking wine
rotisserie chicken seasoning (I use McCormick’s)
butter for pan
lemon slice (an optional garnish)

Now there are two versions of the recipe’ involving grilling on a gas or charcoal grill or in a skillet or pan. I’m going to start with the easier, the pan-grilled version, because a bachelor can pull it off in one pan. Be sure to select a pan with no handle or one with a handle that is oven-safe.

Preheat buttered pan to medium high. Preheat oven to 425’. Shake the rotisserie chicken seasoning onto the filets so that it is evident across the entire face of the skinned side. Turn over and lightly season the smooth side. Place in the preheated pan, reduce heat to medium and grill for seven minutes, or until the salmon is cooked to opaque, light pink throughout. Turn over the filets and pour in white cooking wine to a depth of 3/8”. Place in oven and bake for 5-7 minutes. Dummies hint: If it comes out slightly under-cooked, you can return it to the pan and oven for a few minutes. The white wine prevents the salmon from becoming overly dry.

Serve garnished with a slim slice of lemon, alongside wild rice (Uncle Ben’s in the box is great) and green beans cooked just enough that they are still squeaky against your teeth. Finish with whole-wheat rolls and you are there. Mild iced tea makes a great drink to go with it.

You can grill the salmon over charcoal or gas and then bake as above. Some might prefer the charcoal flavor and/or the savings in calories.