View inside looking towards top, with amplifier's back at bottom of picture.

Visible in upper (front) chamber: rotor with open mouth facing us, drive belt and pulley, internal microphone at upper right
Visible in lower (back) chamber: Power transformer in front of amplifier, 12" Eminence speaker, preamp circuit board, motor (barely visible below pulley), and end of reverb tank on right

I lasted all of one day before I had it apart for a peek and tweak. Though it was hot-glued to the circuit board, the connector for the rotor location sensor had worked loose causing the rotor to drift even when the the stop button was pushed. It is the little connector just visible on top of the preamp board to the right of the speaker in the lower (back) chamber. The speaker cloth had also been pushed in a little in a corner so I re-stapled it. Voile'!

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