MUSICIAN'S ROOM: Build Your Own Microphone Pop Screen

If you are handy and would like to have pop screens to protect you vocal mics from pops while you are recording, here's a little project for you.

1. Six-inch wooden split cross-stitch hoop (available at arts and crafts or sewing stores). Plastic hoops will work but wood typically hold screws better.
2. One pair of semi-opaque daily-wear panty hose, preferably black, with tight weave
3. Light-duty goose neck. Choose a mic gooseneck with a stand clamp, available at a musical store.
4. Small wood screws.
5. Shure or ElectroVoice plastic mic clip. Use this to make a screw flange to hold the hoop. Cut down the mic clip with a saw and drill holes to allow screwing the hoop to the clip. See picture below:

If you wish to make the apparatus look really professional, begin by loosening the cross-stich hoop's clamp, separating the wooden hoops, and painting them black. When paint dries, drop the inner hoop into one leg of the daily-wear panty hose. Place the outer hoop over the inner hoop, still contained in the hose, and tighten down to stretch the hose enough to remove wrinkles. Loosen and adjust as needed. When the front and rear are free from wrinkles, use a razor blade to trim excess. With small wood screws, mount the hoop to the modified mic clip and mount that on the gooseneck. You are now in business and can clamp the gooseneck to your mic stand (preferably a boom stand) and maneuver it to protect the mic.

Place the mic just above mouth level and about ten inches away to start. Move the screen away from the mic to reduce pops.