Playing/Session Files

Stories from my playing and studio experiences

Putting on the Tres Sombreros of the Studio

Anatomy of a Recording: The Smile in Her Eyes

Anatomy of a Song: The Smile in Her Eyes

Overcoming "Red Light Fever"   An Interesting Mastering Job

Technology Fights Progress?   Playing a '70s Gospel Session

How I got Got the Dirt on a Post Grunge Session

A Challenging Session During Covid

The Recording Studio and the Circus Parade

The Odd Business of "Throughput" in the Studio

Restoring a Little Piece of History   Scoring The Underground Railroad   An Acoustic Challenge

An Accidental Scoring Session   Layering Electric Guitars  The Advantages of Skill... and DNA

Forgive me for I have sinned...   A Classic Recording No-No   Guitared Out?

My Encounter With a Quiet Professional   A Guitar Center Moment

A Surprise Cure for Stage Fright   Therapeutic Guitar

A "Big Little" TV Gig   One Cold Show   An Old Analog Friend

Revisiting an Old Song Friend   A "Boot Camp" Wedding Gig