Vintage Goodies and Pawn Shop Prizes

1939-42 Rickenbacher Model B Lap Steel Guitar

1966 Gibson GA-45RVT "Saturn" Amp     1973 Traynor YRM-1 "Reverb Master" Amp

'59 Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Amp Reproduction     Motion Sound AR-112 Sidewinder

1950s/60s Gretsch 6150T "Compact Tremolo" Amp

The Amazing Echoplex     Replacing the Drive Belt in an Echoplex

Foiling Rust on Vintage Gear

Vintage Tubes Bring the Spice!     More Vintage Tube Adventures!

1940s Supro Supreme Hawaiian Model 1400 Steel Guitar

Bringing a vintage speaker system back to life

Getting That Seventies Sound     Old Gear Smell