The Musician's Room: What's New in the Studio?

12/21/2021 The last recording session for the year is done and the lights are off in the studio. I'm home for the holidays and working on getting everything squared away for my little family's Christmas. It's a great time to begin slowing down and taking the time to give thanks for all the good things in my life, and to wish each and every one of you a peaceful Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year!!!

12/02/2021 Every year I see guys fretting about what to get their wives for Christmas. So, every year I update my Gentleman's Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts for His Wife and offer it to my friends. I've just done the update and you can find it, HERE.

11/12/2021 What do high pressure guitar recording sessions and the circus parade have in common? Navigate over HERE to find out!!!

10/21/2021 I had a little blast from recording past when I encountered a little piece of studio history. You can read about it, HERE.

10/09/2021 What's new in the studio, indeed.

09/13/2021 Please join me as I celebrate forty years working in the audio recording industry. It's been like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and there's still more to come!

08/18/2021 A while back I told you of a patchbay hack I did with a subwoofer to switch it between two monitor systems in my control room. Circumstances changed and we've added an additional sub to the control room arrays. You can get that update, HERE.

07/30/2021 Another studio survivor. Not today, Mr. Crusher... Not today.

07/19/2021 A while back I posted an article about a "five-minute setup" I've created, a setup that allows me to drop in to my little guitar room when I have just a few minutes and play. I've since migrated from a POD HD500 to a Helix Floor and that has offered some nice capabilities. I updated the article to reflect the changes, and you can read the update, HERE.

07/02/2021 Have you ever noticed that heavy feeling as revisions of a project pile up? Check out "Womack's Theorem," HERE.

05/14/2021 I just ran an update on the Helix modeler yesterday. I've updated the Helix page to report on the regular updates from Line 6, HERE.

04/08/2021 I just completed another CD mastering session that turned out a bit unique and I thought perhaps you, my friends, could benefit from a description of the challenges I faced. You can read all about it, HERE.

Farewell beloved friend and studio dog, Zoe'.

03/24/2021 The other day I ended up with an interesting and challenging guitar session and thought you could learn from it. You can find my report over HERE.

02/16/2021 Rest in peace, audio designer extraordinaire, Rupert Neve, a true gentleman. I will miss knowing that you were out there designing my tools.

01/06/2021 I was recently asked to discuss the method I use to recover audio tapes that suffer from "Sticky Shed Syndrome." You can find my method, HERE.

01/01/2021 To quote Eddie Murphy, "MERRY NEW YEAR!!!"

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