The Musician's Room: What's New in the Studio?

12/24/2023 Well it is Christmas Eve. The lights are off in the studio, there is Christmas bread rising in the kitchen. The cats have removed many of ornaments from our tree at home, several times over, but we've put them back up, adding cheer to the evening. Soon I'll build a fire and we will read the biblical accounts of the Birth of Jesus. May the true meaning of the season, the birth of the King of Kings, bring you peace and joy.

12/15/2023Gentlemen, it is that time again... Time to shop for your wife's Christmas gifts. I've come up with a system that that can actually make shopping for her fun, and you can read about it, HERE

12/01/2023 Today was day two of bass overdubs at the studio. Yesterday I worked with the Fender Precision bass, today it was the first time for the Jackenbaker. It played and sounded great! Clank-clank-clank.

11/16/2023 Today Line 6 updated the Helix to version 3.70 with twenty-four new models. I have never before owned a guitar product that so often added value to itself. Installation went quickly and smoothly.

10/31/2023 After a recent early morning playing session I wrote a meditation on autumn and acoustic guitars. You can find it, HERE

10/09/2023 I recently came across a bass that is capable of providing the sound and feel of a Rickenbacker 4003 at a much-reduced price. Take a look over HERE to find out more.

09/23/2023 I got another session call doing guitar parts for a Post-Grunge-type song. See how I got the dirt, over HERE .

09/15/2023 I recently played a session doing guitar parts for a 1970s L.A. Gospel-type song. Find out more, HERE .

Image courtesy Kepone Cowboys.

07/21/2023 As Paul Harvey would say, "And now, The Rest of The Story." Before I published the story of the prodigal guitar on 07/04, I had written up the story of the trip to my luthier to have five guitars worked on. I felt that I needed to sit on that story until the prodigal, my Taylor K14c, returned and the threads of the story could come together. Read more about it, HERE.

07/04/2023 The Prodigal Guitar: How my one of my favorite guitars just returned from a one-year-and-one-month walkabout. Read about it, HERE.

06/20/2023 Recording some funk guitar in the studio today. Chicka-chank, chicka-chank, chicka-chank!!!

06/11/2023 I learned a new lesson from the setup on the Martin HD-28 mentioned below, and it applied to another of my guitars. You can read about this in a new article, HERE.

05/26/2023 I took the Martin HD-28 that I wrote about on 12/05/2022 to my luthier to be set up. You can read about the results, HERE. If you need to read the story from the start, go HERE.

05/17/2023 Uncle Larry was right! There is something to the Nobels ODR-Mini. Find out more, HERE.

05/13/2023 I finally got around to cracking the fingerboard code of a particular song that had been banging around in the back of my head for fifty-three years. Find out more, HERE.

05/01/2023 I came in to work this morning to find these lovely balloons waiting for me at the console. I have no idea who left them for me, but thank you very much!!!

04/27/2023 Line 6 has just updated the Helix Universe firmware to version 3.6 with a free update. Included are a new Grammatico and two other amp models, a brand new Yamaha RA-200 Rotary cab and nine others, one effect, and bug fixes. More, HERE.

03/23/2023 Happy Birthday to my R53 MINI Cooper S, the Red Rocket! I custom-ordered this car from England back in 2003, meaning that it is now twenty years old. To celebrate and to pass state safety inspection, I took it in for a rather large service call and it came back happy for the investment. More HERE. I can honestly say that I've never gotten as much joy out of a car as I have with this MINI. We now enter the third decade of its service to me.

02/07/2023 Farewell David Lindley, lap steel hero, multi-instrumentalist, mega sideman. Thanks for the music!

02/07/2023 There are a couple of new residents in the studio today. Joining our pair of early Avalon VT737 tube channels are a pair of newer VT737sp units acquired from another studio. The main differences on the SP version are a different input transformer that yields a little more headroom, and chrome knobs. I sort of miss the purple accents of the early versions, though. Still and all, YAHOO!!!

01/19/2023 Farewell Jeff Beck! You were simply inimitable.

01/11/2023 What lesson can we learn from Mozart's Piano? Find out, HERE.

01/06/2023 Discombobulation... What do you do, once you've found your sound? Find my answer, HERE.

01/02/2023 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome to the Musician's Room! May the Lord bless you in the new year!

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