The Musician's Room: What's New in the Studio?

03/23/2023 Happy Birthday to my R53 MINI Cooper S, the Red Rocket! I custom-ordered this car from England back in 2003, meaning that it is now twenty years old. To celebrate and to pass state safety inspection, I took it in for a rather large service call and it came back happy for the investment. More HERE. I can honestly say that I've never gotten as much joy out of a car as I have with this MINI. We now enter the third decade of its serviec to me.

02/07/2023 Farewell David Lindley, lap steel hero, multi-instrumentalist, mega sideman. Thanks for the music!

02/07/2023 There are a couple of new residents in the studio today. Joining our pair of early Avalon VT737 tube channels are a pair of newer VT737sp units acquired from another studio. The main differences on the SP version are a different input transformer that yields a little more headroom, and chrome knobs. I sort of miss the purple accents of the early versions, though. Still and all, YAHOO!!!

01/19/2023 Farewell Jeff Beck! You were simply inimitable.

01/11/2023 What lesson can we learn from Mozart's Piano? Find out, HERE.

01/06/2023 Discombobulation... What do you do, once you've found your sound? Find my answer, HERE.

01/02/2023 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Welcome to the Musician's Room! May the Lord bless you in the new year!

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