The Musician's Room: What's New in the Studio?

04/25/2024 Gather 'round kiddies and I'll tell you the story of the church elder and the "Better Than Sex Cake," HERE.

04/18/2024 Rest in peace, Forrest Richard Betts (1943-2024).

04/15/2024 A little bit o' England has landed here in the studio. A month ago I recieved a Marshall Origin 20 amp that I had ordered. We've had a month to get past the honeymoon phase and I've been busy during that time trying out the amp in various applications and with seeveral guitars and various other equipment. You can find my review over HERE.

04/05/2024 I did scoring and sound design to create the open for a new show today. Got a chance to put the Behringer Poly D synth to use with great results!!!

03/19/2024 What is new in the studio, indeed. Oscar the studio cat knows.

03/01/2024 After a break for health issues I've posted a new article about my experiences with the Catlinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe, an Echoplex EP-3 simulation. You can find my meditation over HERE.

01/01/2024 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Best wishes for a great 2024!!! We've got a few new things happening in the studio so perhaps we'll see a couple of articles soon!!!

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