Kit & Kaboodle (Gear Reviews)


2005 Gibson ES-335 DOT Reissue     2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard

2016 Gibson SG Standard '61 Reissue Limited Edition

2011 Gibson Les Paul Studio '60s Tribute     Gibson "V-Factor" Flying V

Fender American Standard Strat     Fender American Standard Tele     Fender Standard Jazz Bass

Martin OM-28 Reimagined Acoustic     Martin HD-28 Reimagined Acoustic

Taylor 312e 12 Fret Acoustic     Taylor 354ce 12 String Acoustic

Gretsch G9202 "Honey Dipper Special" Resonator     Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel

2018 Sterling by MusicMan Steve Lukather Signature LK100D

2021 Jackson CBXNT DX IVCBXNT DX IV Jackenbacker Bass


Marshall Origin 20 Combo Amplifier

'59 Fender 5E3 Tweed Deluxe Amp Reproduction     Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb Amp

Hammond/Leslie Model G37 Guitar Rotary Combo     Motion Sound AR-112 Sidewinder

Mesa Boogie Express 5:25 Amp     Bugera V22 Infinium Amp


Line6 HELIX     Line6 POD HD500X     Line6 POD 2.0    


Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

Nobels ODR-Mini Drive Pedal

JHS Bonsai Multi-Version Tube Screamer

BK Butler Tube Driver

Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic Pedal     MXR Micro Amp Plus

Rocktron Banshee Talk Box     ElectroHarmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi Reissue

Barber Tone Press Compressor     Hughes & Kettner Tube Rotosphere

Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb     Seymour Duncan JB & '59 Pickups

Taylor K4 Preamp     Mad Professor Golden Cello     Cable Cuffs

Jack the Gripper     Digitech JamMan     Morrell Lap Steel Stand


Roland GR-20/GK-3 Guitar Synth/Pickup     Behringer Poly D Synthesizer


Neve Portico 5015     AKG C451B Microphone     MXL Revelation Microphone

Sony APR5003v Tape Deck     Tascam 2488mkII PortaStudio     Auratone Monitors

The Oblique Strategies     Marshall MXL2003 Microphone

CD Stomper     The SoundSeat